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Other Minds Podcast Episode 12

Linda Bouchard, New Notations


La composition musicale dans le regard de Linda Bouchard

La Société de Musique Contemporaine du Québec. 2022


LE CULTUREL 2.0 with Winston McQuade

Interview by Winston McQuade. 2022


Music Works

Music Works ISSUE 114. Linda Bouchard’s Murderous Little World by Richard Simas.


Ici Radio-Canada

Yolaine Mottet rencontre Linda Bouchard avant la création de son œuvre All Caps No Space (Traduit par : Tout en majuscule, sans espace). Octobre 2019.


Other Minds

Linda Bouchard is featured in this edition of the Nature of Music series of events, produced by Other Minds in collaboration with the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California. Linda talks about her work, in conversation with Other Minds artistic director Charles Amirkhanian, and plays some examples from her recordings and ongoing work. She also performs live, with oboist Kyle Bruckmann, who joins the conversation in the last half of the event. October 2018.



Interview hosted by Paul Steenhuisen. Linda Bouchard discusses her works: Murderous Little World, Identity Theft, Flocking, and her research project Live Structures. September 2018


Revue Circuit

D’exil et d’américanitude. Un entretien avec Linda Bouchard, par Simon Bertrand. Septembre 2018.


West Edge Opera Snapshot Series

Interview for West Edge Opera “Snapshot Series” about her opera The House of Words. February 2017.


Interview: Linda Bouchard: la musique de la vie. François Tousignant. Septembre 1999