“Bouchard, based in San Francisco for more than 20 years, has had an international career in her multiple roles as composer, conductor, artistic director and all-around artistic instigator and visionary.”
David Jaeger
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“Murderous Little World features a versatile three-man ensemble of brass and accordion – Bellows and Brass – that pretty much blew me away… Bouchard’s music is the bowl of elsewhere [from Anne Carson’s poetry]. There are many layers to shift through in Murderous Little World. Query the video and you might miss something in the music. Let a Carson line gyrate in your mind and you’ll fail to capture another as it glides by. The sheer brilliance of Bellow and Brass may draw you to them alone. Bouchard’s electronic soundscape is its own enchantment… Once around is hardly enough to fathom Murderous Little World.”

Los Angeles Times, Murderous Little World Worth Further Exploration
Review by Mark Swed, LA Times Music Critic
December 11, 2012
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“…a mesmerizing multi-media combination of music, video, and theatre …The opening combination of visuals and music was stunning. The effect was simultaneously overwhelming, intoxicating and irresistible… As with the inspiration for the work, the performance experience was poetic. Intense infusions of images,words and sounds evoked any number of meanings and messages — at times tender, intimate, and humanly connected; and at others, jarringly global, mechanical, and overwhelming.”

The Record, Numus Gives Life to Murderous Little World
Review by Stephen Preece, for The Record
February 13, 2011
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