“The work’s biggest asset, however, was Linda Bouchard’s fresh-sounding and nicely structured score. It started with children’s voices and evolved into electronic textures from which acoustical instruments, most notably two violins, emerged like beacons from the fog. At the end the voices returned, and a vaguely perceived canon, Frere Jacques, rounded off the composition.”

By Rita Feliciano for Dance View West
February 12, 2014
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“ Nelson’s “RingRoundRozi,” from last year, begins as a playful romp. Dancers dash and skitter madly across the stage, bounding and leapfrogging, balancing on their hands and catching themselves effortlessly. Linda Bouchard’s commissioned sound collage, featuring children’s voices and percussion, jostles with Nelson’s intermingling traffic patterns for quick-shifting groups of dancers. With precision the dancers cut diagonals and carve curves from thin air.”

By Lisa Traiger for Washington Post
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RingRoundRozi, created by KT Nelson, whose title is co-artistic director, begins with dancers lounging at the front of the stage in practice clothes. As David Finn’s stark lighting and Linda Bouchard’s score evoke an ominous atmosphere, dancers splinter off into largely conventional duets and trios that frequently fall short of mirroring the mood. The exception is a poignant duet for Justin Flores and Ms. Zivolich, who, in a series of daring lifts, manage to infuse the choreography with a darting, candid musicality.”

By Gia Kourlas for New York Times
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“Two weeks ago, on the opening night of ODC’s Dance annual “Dancing Downtown” season, the revival of co-artistic director’s KT Nelson’s smashing RingRoundRozi stole a bit of thunder from the two premiers by artistic director Brenda Way.”

By Allan Ulrich for San Francisco Chronicles
March 2005

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