Works in Progress

All Caps No Space

Using a graphic score, stock and prerecorded material, and live processing, “All Caps No Space” explores the amplified solitude we experience within the barrage of information that besieges us. The creation of the work is motivated by the desire to give a voice to our individual experiences as we witness the world’s tragedies, specifically captured in the written and still images of daily media.

“All Caps No Space” came from questioning what is the space we can inhabit as caring individuals in a society in which we are flooded by information and news, the intensity of it all, the immediacy and the inherent violence and horror.

This work is conceived in such a way to capture a moment in time and geographic location and is part  of a series of works called “nomadic”.

All Caps is realized in three versions

  • An interactive multimedia work of 35 minutes for live musicians, live electronics, and live video
  • A concert piece of approximately 35 minutes with live musicians and live electronics
  • An installation with interactive video and prerecorded sounds for art gallery spaces



Banff – Canada
October 23rd, 2015 @ Banff Center For The Arts

François Houle, clarinet; Gordon Grdina; guitar, Kenton Loewen; drum with Joanna Wallfisch; voice, Bendik Giske; saxophone and Jeremy Quick; guitar, participants in the Banff Musicians in Residence Program.

Vancouver – Canada
April 19th, 2015 @ the Canadian Music Center

François Houle, Rebecca Wenham and Katie Rife performed an initial work-in-progress version with live video interaction between the audience and the musicians using a drawing screen that both the audience and the musicians could access.



Richmond – California
November 13, 2015 @ the Milkbar

Live interactive installation. I was able to finalize the programming for the Live Video. I am still
working on the audio. It was a profoundly disturbing evening because this event took place a few hours after the Paris terrorist and bombing attack.

Richmond – California
August 8th, 2015 @ Milkbar

After a week long workshop working with Ian Winters on finalizing the programming for the live
video, I did a performance with live music using pre-recorded samples, inviting the audience to
interact with the drawing table. This was presented as a work-in-progress.



San Francisco & Oakland – California
February 07th, 2015 @ Center for New Music

This performance showcased the culmination of a two-week collaboration and residency at The
MilkBar between composer Linda Bouchard and the talented and unique Addleds musicians Kyle Bruckmann, oboe/English horn; Tony Dryer, double bass; and Jacob Felix Heule, percussion.
The residency coincided with the January 7 murders of Charlie Hebdo journalists in Paris by terrorists. How the world reacted to this specific terrorist attack became a thread we followed during our residency.